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15 August 2009 @ 10:46 pm
I could promise the world if we could travel through time.  
brb, dying of tired x___x;

omfg, I was busy today. Double the normal business, both yesterday and today~ I'm really happy, but exhausted all the same. Ugh, and a super long work week from HELL. I work straight through to next Saturday, and I've been working every day since Monday. asdlkfjhadlfkjh *dies again* INVENTORY TOMORROW. ARGH.

Going to be taking more photos to add stuff for sale over at morgulmarket. I need textbook monies :DDDD (Or rather, money for other stuff after I shell out for textbooks). Items up for grabs include:

Unopened CDs
Pokemon Zukan (Cynda line, Toto line, Raikou, others), Kids figures, in-case figures, stamps, keshimon, metal figures, plush and... some other stuff |D ...Rare cards! Mini mascots, maybe a rare absol figure - I'm debating whether or not to keep it.

I need to find a community to post my sales journal to >>; All the major sales communities seemed to be swamped with people selling designer knock-offs from China. Not my intended market...

OH! I also might be auctioning off some NIB Grande Clear To-Go Tumblers - the really cool cups that look like the regular Starbucks cold cups, only double-wall insulated and made of pure awesome (dishwasher safe, too!). We got a surprise shipment on Friday and I bought six of them. Hopefully we'll get the Venti size next Friday, but who knows? ._. Starbucks warehouse has fallen through before - they didn't send us our sugar free caramel last week, so I had to reorder again.

TJ's leaving for Tucson tomorrow! D: I'm so sad. Anywho, must go to bed now since tomorrow's a long and busy day.

EDIT: look at my lovely new banner on my friends-only notice :D LOOK AT IT. By tothe_slaughter ♥ I love that song, and Tayuya? Win.
it's supposed to be a header but w/e I'm too lazy to code a pretty layout to go with it.
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